Tonight I feel stuck. I have a lot bubbling around in this big ol’ head of mine. A big piece of the puzzle that I cannot seem to place right now is Youtube. I am on this site almost everyday. It is what I turn to when I feel like absolute crap. It is what I turn to when I need a good laugh or a hearty talk. It is a big part of my life. And I would love more than anything to have the courage to make and put up a video… But I am just not sure. I always worry and second guess everything. Which I am sure someone out there can relate to as well. But deep down I really feel like this could help me. Help me get a thicker skin. Help me to see that I can sit in front of a camera and not run for the hills when put face to face with myself. Heck, maybe it could even turn into a career one day. But that will never happen if I keep letting my mind do the talking and not my heart……… I just don’t know how to quiet the panic. If anyone is out there listening to and/or reading this and gives a damn, please just give me a little piece of advice here… I could really use it ❤ Thank you.

-Emily Elizabeth

Let’s Try this Again…

So about six months ago I said that I was going to do a blog… I lied. I thought I was going to do it and then I didn’t stick to it and that wasn’t good. So now, here is my first official blog post. Enjoy 🙂


18 Facts about Me:

  1. I am 18 years old, hence the title: 18 Facts about Me, one for every year that I have been alive!
  2. I was born, and occasionally still have my birthday, on Thanksgiving.
  3. My favorite food is watermelon.
  4. My favorite drink is water.
  5. My top 3 favorite colors in this order are: indigo, teal and black.
  6. My top 3 favorite animals in this order are: tigers, owls and horses.
  7. I have 3 siblings, a brother and two sisters. I am the youngest. Only my brother lives in the same state as me.
  8. I am born and raised in Oregon.
  9. I have four pets, a dog, two cats, and a bird.
  10. I really want to write a book someday.
  11. My best friend and I have been in each others lives for 8 years and I love her to death.
  12. I love my mom and dad so much and am grateful for the bond that I have with them.
  13. I am an organization freak, but I don’t necessarily feel the same about cleaning.
  14. Yes, Emily Elizabeth is my first and middle name. No, I am not the girl off of Clifford, though I do get that a lot.
  15. I love nature; it keeps me calm when my mind is one giant hurricane.
  16. I am scared to drive, so for now I stay in the passenger’s seat.
  17. I’m a worry wort.
  18. I am starting a Youtube channel soon once I get my courage up.

That is all I have for you today. Have a nice day!

– Emily Elizabeth

The Beginning…

As if there wasn’t a more cheesy title that I could have chosen, I just happen to pick this one. But it is truthful. And simple. This is the beginning. Not like it is some miraculous, time stopping moment, but I suppose it is something to remember. I honestly don’t know what I am doing sitting behind this computer screen, pretending to know what I am doing or what I am talking about. But considering that most of my life now a days is spent behind some sort of glass, I might as well go for it. I mean what is the worst that could happen? You all (if any of you to begin with) hate me and send me angry messages all over social media? Been there, done that. Anywho, let this be known. I am now officially a blogger. *Sighs dramatically* Well… What now? I guess that is to be determined. Stay tuned?!

-Emily Elizabeth.

P.S. Yes, I did take that picture of the ferris wheel.